Top Frequently Asked Questions


You can acquire any of the coins listed on our services page from any popular crypto exchanges. Below is a video that walks through how to setup a Coinbase account, once of the most popular exchanges. Universal Law was not compensated to mention Coinbase.

Fiat currency is connected to unfavorable contracts that restrict rights, as these contracts are not of interest to us we choose to decline said contract and not accept fiat currencies.


Yes. We believe strongly that knowledge is the beginning of the road to empowerment. A Human can be given a set of tools to build a house but if they have never taken a building class and knows nothing of carpentry they will never complete their house. The Secured Party Creditor 101 course is designed to give you a foundational education in Secured Party and start you off on a life long journey of living as a private Human.

We facilitate UCC filings via our system, there is some paperwork that you must complete and send off but it is very minimal.

No, the authentication of the birth or naturalization certificate is essential to the process.

You will need a minimum of 3 other humans to successfully complete a trust, as stated on the services page if these humans are from the United States of America they will need to be Secured Party Creditors as well to be evolved in the trust. These four people will fill the following roles.



2nd Trustee

Beneficiary (can be yourself if you would like)

Having layers of invisible contracts tied to you in the current system, puts you in the weakest legal position possible. By only allowing human that are Secured Parties to assume the roles in the trust, provides you with the maximum protection and security for the Trust.

No, if you are an international Human (meaning you don’t have legal status in the United States)you do not, Universal Law currently only has a Secured Party process available for Humans that have a legal status in the United States.